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The Story of Anke

The Story of Anke

Memory is a funny thing

you don't realise how much you have 

or how much you have lost

because sometimes you only remember the emotions 

So you summarise the who

The what

The where 

And the how

The second

The hour

The day

The week

The month 

The year 

And then the last 10 years 

To nothing but pain and hurt

A hurt that can be imagined and re-lived

All you remember is the excruciating thoughts 

Wishing you were somewhere else 

Doing something else 

The pain of being someone else 

I remember all you wanted to do then was hide in a corner

But at the same ridiculous time 

you wanted to shine

Didn’t you, Anke?

Anke wanted to shine

she found herself always ready 

Ready to be ready 

Ready to stand 

Ready to create

Ready to be ready to deliver 


Maybe because Mum always celebrated and praised her creativity 

Anke was sure of this one thing 

That she is a creative 

Mum always wore our pieces with pride and joy 

Always ready to show off Anke's jewels to everyone

she made it clear that her daughter was not a star in the making 

But a star 

The star

Shining bright with no constraint 

Mum always did that 

That's why we always felt connected to her 

We both believed we could be like mum and more 

A lot more 

Didn’t we, Anke?

We wanted to explore like mummy

Be bold like mummy 

Break-free like mummy 

Fly like mummy 

But we just always felt caged 

I felt caged 


I did 

But not you, Anke 

Anke soared as high as the eagle 

Pretty sure she touched the sun at some point 

Anke was at every show 

she ate the catwalk 

Like a majestic gazelle 

In her blue high-waisted flare jeans 

Curly hair 

she ran and did not grow weary 

Walked and did not faint

Anke, you stunted your stuff 

And all I can say is 


Well done 


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