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The 14th Baton is Lost off course

The 14th Baton is Lost off course

So it finally happened

The one thing you dreaded

The thing you feared the most 

you tripped 

you hit the hurdle 

Taking other runners down with you

All in the pile of your rubbish 

I know 

It hurts 





you ask yourself 

Why it happened?

How it happened?

I practised for so long 

I was ready for this race 

I have done this a million times

How could this happen

What went wrong?


A shot of energy riles up in you 

It’s Living Water 

It didn’t spill just because you got wounded 

your arm is bruised 

And your knee is scrapped 

But the Living Water is still bubbling up inside 

So you set off 


Off on the course 

Aware while unaware 

you realise you just passed the spot where the rubbish was 

you keep running 

Fixing your eyes on what’s ahead 

Running to win 

you didn’t lose course 

you tripped 

you may have lost some strength  

your confidence 

And now you are back on the track 

The crowd boos because blame needs an assignment 

you keep running 

Realising you can run without their motivation 

And there she is 

The next runner setting off 

The thought that you might not make it tempts you 

But with your eyes wide open 

you push past the pain 

you run and hand over the Baton 


you won 

Catching your breath with radiance 

The biggest smile flashes on your face 

The crowd is stunned 

you sit in awe 

Realising that mehnnn….

I was right 

you made it

We made it

I did make it to the end 

I won 

I made it to the 14th lap 

I passed the Baton 

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