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The 12th Baton is Doubleminded

The 12th Baton is Doubleminded

So, I dropped off doubt and second-guessing a while ago

But it tends to show its ugly head 

Every once in a while

Watch out for it 

It’s bait 

Bait to keep you stagnant 






Thinking the worst 

Looking only to the future 

Dreading the present

Wanting to skip this life 

And start another 

Don't fall for it

Don’t be tossed to and fro 

By the winds of if’s and maybe’s 

The course is set in this race 

There is a finish line 

An end to every lap

Don’t get caught up in the excruciating minor details 

They are painful

And tend to magnify and exaggerate the moment 

But trust in Him in all your ways 

With every stride of your legs 

Don’t be led by past mistakes 

Or broken promises 

Don’t fix your eyes on all the misdemeanours 

Leap like the gazelle you are 

Majestic and swift 

Chest out as the sovereign of the pride land 

That you are 

Slip, trip, fall

And get back up 

you can’t skip the lap to avoid the hurdles 

Run to win 

Take this baton

Go for it


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