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The 13th Baton is Love 

The 13th Baton is Love 

Love is really vast 

And ridiculously patient

When you have got a hang of it

It expresses itself in a whole new way 

It is always vacant for more

More people

More things

More treasures

More broken hearts 

More you 

Love is the soft life general 

Pleasant to everyone

you can’t be envious with love 

It doesn’t throw shade when others are living their best life 

Love avoids the need to shalaye 

Or show them 

Because last last you will see the glory 

Love does not point fingers 

It respects 

Not like the crazy wind at the house 

That refuses to hear word 

Love does not cancel 

It does not selfishly seek after its own likes

Love does not go off pouting at the slightest inconvenience

It shields up against offence 

Love desires the truth 

It despises lies 

Love is a dwelling place 

It would never give up on you 

That’s why I keep telling you to fail fast 

Because love will never give up on you  

Love keeps you in the hard times

Love evolves 

Love keeps on giving 


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