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The Fog - Blurred vision

Clearing the fog is hard work

You are confused

Your vision is blurred

Your memory is hazy

Your emotions are high

Your feelings are uncontrollable

Frustrated at your unspoken expectations

Having to face the denied vanity

You are holding on to nothing


I kept on walking

It did not make sense

A step at a time

A breath in and out






Seconds of peace

Minutes of worry

Hours of bondage

Still, I kept moving with my hands out

Hoping not to hit anything


I stopped in my stride

I looked back

I could see clearly

Clear as day

I have come a long

"You have come a long way"

*swish Swish*

The wind blows

I shiver

Scared to turn around and continue my journey

I rather go back to where I came from

It is clearer there

It is safer there

It makes more sense

I begin to head back to the start

Trying to remember why I started this walk in the first place

How did I even get here?

I hear a soft voice calling my name in the distance

I am scared again but hopeful

I look around and realise I had passed certain hurt and pains

The electrocution

The drown

The lies

The tears

So I turned around again

Heading towards my intended destination

My unknown destination

Walking through the Fog

Trusting that at the end of my journey

I will look back

And still want to keep moving forward

It makes sense or not

Life, they say is understood backwards

I will look back

I am not alone

Abba is with me

Abba never left me

Not for a second

Abba has always been here

Thank you, Abba

The fog is a blessing

Walkthrough it


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