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The 9th Baton is the Accent

The 9th Baton is the Accent


I am Nigerian and proud

But also British and delighted

My early years were spent in Nigeria

So, I have an accent 

Who doesn’t?

I can actually be on the radio

But I am reserving the glory 

Don’t shrink back 

Because you think you sound different 

With roots in Egba land

The passion is in the spirit 

Own it 

It’s you 

There is no right or wrong 

I have lived this long 

And I can attest that it has not limited me in any way 

So be bold and courageous

Speak your truth 

Speak the Truth

But never let your expressions and voice be a detriment 

This is another thing I learnt recently 

I still struggle to recognise my real voice sometimes

But I was placed in a community of believers recently 

And they helped me soar like an eagle 

There is someone like-minded out there 


There are people out there for you 

People who you can be comfortable being your whole self with 

With no restraints, you will be like an edifice 

Because you are in the right environment 

There is nothing better

you have a voice that some may think is loud and others quiet 

But don't get it twisted 

you are a boss 

your words in whatever pitch or stress 

Are enough

So be bold and courageous

Speak your truth 

Speak the Truth


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