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The 6th Baton is overrated perfection

The 6th Baton is overrated perfection 

The long road to faultlessness

A foggy timeless mirage 

A weakness

A journey I have been on

For far too long 

I am learning to fall in love with myself 

As I am

When the rooster crows in the morning 

And when the owl coos at night

With every mistake of the day 

I reflect 


And apologise 

Most times 

To me

To Him 

And to them 

If I repressed my feelings 

If I took advantage of myself

If I blacked out and cursed someone out 

If I did not give my best 

If I overcommitted

If I was selfish 

If I was evil 

If I was mean 

I reflect 


And apologise 

Most times 

To me

To Him 

And to them 

I am learning to praise and appreciate myself 

When I do the good things

The little things 

The great things

The mundane things

I am learning not to shy away from “well done”

Because I did do well

I do

Do well

Perfect me is me 

And anything perfect-er is tomorrow’s problem

There is no need for grace in perfection 

Perfection bangs its head until there is nothing else to add 

And I cannot come 

And go

And kill myself

There is always something to add 

Something to change 

Another opinion 

A level up 

An upgrade 

But perfection keeps you stagnant 

And I refuse to die there 

So, I handover this baton of weakness to you

His power finds its full expression in your weaknesses

Do your best 

Remember you twirl, hit and bang 

Be excellent in all your ways 

I have tested and found that your best is more than enough 

If the judge of your ability is everyone else

you are never going to get off that track

So do yourself a favour 

Know your flaws 

And Live 

Understand them 

And Live 

Why are they bad?

What makes them flaws?

Why do you do it?

What does it feed in you?

Don’t be ashamed to tell Him 

He has got you completely 

Fix your eyes on Him

In your weakness, you are made strong 

Be thankful in all things 

Let Him be the first and last of you 


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