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The 11th Baton  is Graced

The 11th Baton 

 is Graced

So what does it mean to be Graced 

It means to be favoured

To be valued 

To be seen 

To be rewarded

To be adorned

I struggled with accepting things I did not work for

Because of the disappointments 

And betrayals I have experienced

But I am learning to expect good things

To receive love without thinking of the worst 

I pass this baton to you 

Keep on believing 

Keep on hoping 

Live assured

Knowing that as He began a good work in you 

He will be faithful to complete it 

In His own way 

At His own time

Know that you are Graced 

Walk in it 

Live in it

Stay Graced

Be Graced 

Live Graced 

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