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The 10th Baton is Family

The 10th Baton

 is Family

I love them to the moon and back

Family have to annoy you 

That's what makes them family 

As we get older

We are also gradually finding our own space 

With different people

And different life turns 

Intimate families become relatives 

And a stranger becomes your closest confidant

That's one of the things that makes life fun

I pray your love for family grows

There will be new challenges and issues

Old topics that we finally talk about

But remember to start and end with love

you have been blessed with a fantastic bunch 

So be the best, you can for them

Learn to receive their love 

Don't assume

Get clarity

Ah, they also know you well

So it is okay to be vulnerable with them

you have all been through a lot together 

you made it through together

Get angry

Share your grievances 

Watch your words

Don't say what you can't take back

Even in a fit of anger 

Yes, we all make mistakes 

Make yours 

And allow them to make theirs 

Love abounds 

Grace overflows

And will keep you all 

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