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Nude - Me in a Different Dimension

Me in another Dimension

I am definitely a nudist

Lol, so I will probably not be Yoruba

Because the ass whopping will be across endless dimensions

I have amnesia

I forget the hurt

I lose myself in the music

I hate the pain

But love the afterthought

I am a fish, one of the Ernie brothers

High as hell all the time

Because I live here

And y'all are crazy as hell

I am also Naomi

When shit hits the fan and life throws dodge balls at me

I pack my load and go back home

It is not me, you guys will kill with misfortune

I am also Eve

I am sorry I hurt you

I accept my mistakes

I forgive myself

And I take time out to love me again and heal

I am Boaz

The angel of the sweet boy association

I shine bright like a diamond

I am all and a shattered version of myself

Born lost,

Then found,

And currently lost again

I am losing the will

Yet I am chosen


Broken to perfection

Found in confusion

Dancing butt naked

Admiring the straight curves

Falling in love with the stupidity

I am butt naked

And full of joy




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