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Masked Enough

So Hannah Montana hid her true identity with a blonde wig



If anyone found out, she would beg and make them promise not to tell

That's crazy right

What if all our alter ego's were taken away with just one hand movement

The pain, the fear

The woulda, shoulda, coulda

The regrets and joys

Happiness and accomplishments

The escapes that evolved into prisons

The shame, guilt and glory

And when we got home we could just take it all off and be a different person.

How crazy would that be

My name is Eve

I am whole

I am broken

I committed the worst sin on earth

I brought upon a curse to all my offsprings

I lost a child in the hands of another

Then I let the other one go

I still feel the hatred of my husband from the one mistake I made

Like he never truly forgave me,

I carry that weight around.

Oh to just get home and take it all off

All of it

I am Adam

I lost the opportunity of a lifetime

By just one absentminded decision

In attempetting to rectify the situation I only made it worse

I feel like I lost my father

It is easier to blame my wife but to what extent

When I look into the mirror all I see is me and my faliures

Oh!!! take it all off

The pressure to be this unknown person

For just a moment

To pretend today did not happen

To forgot my disappoint

To forget why I want to cry

To embrace this second without the weight of the last

It is the end of the day and I want to take all off

But the feelings of the day still linger

Was it all meant to be

Because that would make it somewhat better

I would let it go because it was always meant to be

And there was nothing I could do to change it

So I can accept the regret as a forgotten memory

A means to get on this path.

Why are you refusing to affirm that

That there was nothing I could do

That there is nothing I can do

That this right here is okay

That this "me"

In this state, is just fine

Will be just fine

Why are you slient

Why not just tell me what I want to here


I know I will be laughing about this later

But right now

It still hurts

Thank you for waiting on me to accept that it is okay

For not rushing me out

But for waiting on me while I take my time

The time to acknowledge my misdeeds of the day

And still accept that I am enough


The laziness

The hate

The jealousy

The anger

The pettiness

The love

The care

The desire

The hope

The trust


I think I get it

But why not tell me this earlier

I desperately want today to be predestined

But it doesn't look like it

And that is fine

Thank you

For giving me the strength to be the person You want me to be

You know the end goal and how to get there

I Trust You


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