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I'll Just Wait...

You should just wait

"Instead of trying in your own strength"

Just wait.

I don't know the answer either

I don't know the next step

I don't know who comes next

I don't know what comes next

I am tired of being afraid

I am tired of being stuck

I tired of blaming them

I tired of hating myself

So I am just going to wait

I am not going to try and fix you

I am not going to try and make you feel better

But I won't leave you either

Weird right

I learnt it from Abba

He has a weird habit of just sticking with me

No matter what

So I am going to do the same

This might be a stupid idea


But I guess time will have to tell

I choose to just take my time

I choose to not worry

I want to look back later on

When I get to wherever it is that I am going

And say


This is great

But my journey here was not unbearable

It was also fun

So I will enjoy the journey with you

I will enjoy the silliness

I will enjoy the growth

I will hug you when you burn out

I will cuddle you when you are afraid

I will listen when all you want is to chit chat

I will listen to understand

Not to advise you

Or figure out the why's

But just to listen

I will hear you out when your mind and heart get restless

I will be with you when you throw tantrums

I will stop trying to fix you

I just want to get to know you

I want to meet you

I want to know you

I want to be stuck to you



In the weird stalker way

I don't love you yet

But I definitely like you

A lot!

So... I will keep on waiting

Take your time

I want to stick with you forever

You don't have to accept me just yet

Take your time

Let see where this goes

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