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I Choose You

I am choosing to believe the struggle is a lesson

I am choosing to learn from it

I am choosing to find the positives

I am choosing to quit focusing on the past

I am choosing to let go of the negatives.

I choose to enjoy being You.


Just as you are

Right now

Quirks and all


Because the werey

The serenren

And the tear flakes

All make up the mysteriously complex masterpiece

That you are

That is you

Think of how far you have come

How lost you were

Take in all in

Because every shattered piece in the hands of a potter

Still make up the masterpiece

Start from where you are

God is aware of it all.

He is with you right now

He never left you

He is not surprised

By all your mess-ups

I hoped you wouldn't do it.... lol

But you did

And that's okay

He factored that in too

He already has your come back ready

The route

The help

The provision

The snuggle time

And since you seek to please him.

You shouldn't be so focused on your mistakes

Or how you are perceived by others

Accept the season you are in

Work on your growth

Reanalyse your pleasures

Cry if you want Adam

Rant if you want Eve

God will listen to you

Don't be overwhelmed

Give him your wrong choices and fears

Give him your evil intentions

Give him your broken heart

Give him your desire to belong to the streets

He loves every part of you

He created you

He knows what he put inside of you

Take courage in the fact that

Your God is sovereign

He is crazy enough to take you back

He loves you right now

As you are

With nothing different

Forget the shower

Come as you are

You are loved

You are seen

You are still chosen

You are picked

You are graced


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