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A Jerry kinda guy

Jerry was telling me about his breakup with Sharon. Apparently, she was seeing this guy. It was probably on a friendly basis, but it was getting sneaky, and he felt he wasn't receiving the same amount of love he was giving. He really loved her. He said he dropped a TFL job offer because he would rather see her 24 hours a day than 1 hour a day.

That was surprising.

He is a total romantic—like, wow. He also mentioned he loved girls with imperfections, which shocked me. I didn't see him as the type. He treats his girl like a queen, chivalrous to a fault. He also mentioned he constantly suffers from depression, and that broke my heart.

It's funny how the very jolly people have the most pains and cuts. He was crying at work yesterday because of the breakup, which was kind of cute.

We are all different in colour and culture, but we do bleed the same way. You will always find someone who is just like you, in experience and all. You have something in common with everyone—every single person. And the worst thing you can do as a human on this earth is not to explore.

We need to stop raising our kids in a secluded environment. They need to know the enormous world around them.

Knowledge is key.

Ignorance really is a disease—a generational one at that.

One of my mom's best gifts was bringing me to the UK. Not because it is the UK but because I have been able to experience a world different from the one I grew up in.


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