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Handle It!!!

So today was different.

There was this woman, who was literally laughing out loud on the train. Bless her heart. I didn't initially think much of her but after considering who she may be. Am like laugh your heart out mehn! Please.

Today was long, Onika a new manger pissed me off. She kept talking anyhow and catching random feelings. So yh we had a moment (many moments). It's Ona and Mr Green's birthday today. Pretty's birthday is tomorrow.

*Happy birthday guys... I love you, hoping you are doing well wherever you may be.*

This week will be great! I am starting the prince's trust programme.

*By his Grace all is well.*

I just sneezed on the train. Oh I also have an interview tomorrow. I am kind of indifferent about it.  But I am more excited about the interview i had on Wednesday. I am really looking forward to hearing back from them. I hope I get the job *fingers crossed*

*Lord help.*

I had to actually think of starting my own business today. So yes I am grateful for my gifts and yes I will use it. I spent money I don't have on uber this weekend so I am in a mess and I don't know how I an going to survive the week.

I also found I expected a lot from my siblings. Just because I gave a certain way dosen't mean they will be able to do the same.

*And it is very hard to accept that.*

But I also had the thought that when I was giving, I didn't give with the thought or expectation that they must help me when I am in my own down time. I however, gave because I wanted to.

Lord please help through the week.


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