• Oyin

My Love has Grown...

I am grateful that my love has grown, though hate resides

I am grateful that i a here, though that grass looks greener

I am grateful for my family, though they drive me crazy

I am grateful for my health, though i feel the sharp pains. (Get that a check up)

I am grateful for this country, though racism exists

I am grateful for the different colours, though they are confusing

I am grateful for the diversity, though i will kill for long silky hair (its called a wig)

I am grateful for the job, though i want more money (I honestly rather not work)

I am grateful for my heart, though jealous and pettiness resides (the growth is acknowledged)

I am grateful for my perspective, though i am ignorant (girl, please read a book)

I am grateful for my muffin top, though i rather not have it (no comment)

I am grateful because i am not where I was yesterday, though i cant tell

I am grateful for no news, though i rather i hear great news

I am grateful for knowing you

Thank you

I am grateful

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