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The 8th Baton is Hair

The 8th Baton is Hair

Braid is life for me 

I enjoy swinging it

Packing it 

Most of all, flipping it to make a point 

So please, keep us shining with the knee-length braids and twists 

I have not tried the faux locs yet 

But very excited to 

I bet it will be heavy 

I am trying to give my neck breathing space

To not carry all that load back to back 

I have not been a good steward of our hair

I am just not good with routines, you see

Even the skin care stuff 

I am hoping I can pray my way through it


But He keeps shaking His head at me when I mention it 


I still have a fear of wigs falling off my head

So please, clip and pin it all down

I refuse to be a meme 

Plus, the wind next to the house keeps raging

I don’t understand why going to the corner shop requires three lunge sets

Don’t even get me started on the disrespectful body slams

Like, I know I weigh nothing 

But don’t be disrespecting me in public 

Back to the wig, pin that thing down 

Do not play with me, I will come for you 

Yes, it is definitely worth the pain and headache 

No changes there 

I am all for it bajẹ 


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