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The 7th Baton is the hate that I love you

The 7th Baton is the hate that I love you

I don’t know if I want to pass my likes and dislikes to you 

Because I hate that I love some things 

And secretly love that I hate others 

As you stay on course 

Different things will entice you 

Some are good for you 

Some are bad

you do have a choice

A choice of rights and wrongs 

They are just not all appropriate or beneficial 

To the lap you are currently on 

Some laps will have more hurdles than others 

And in those laps

you need to focus 

Pace yourself

So you don’t trip 

you can’t run with water in your hands while jumping through hurdles

Some laps are convenient for such multitasking

Waving to the cheering fans and family 

Pouting for the cameras

All good 

But not all beneficial 

At all times

And that will suck 

Because you may not have been given the opportunity 

Like others may have

It was a sprinting lap for you

But a paparazzi lap for them

If you try catching up to a missed lap 

you could run out of strength and stamina

Even trip 

But still, have to get back up and run 

So, I want you to reflect and think 

About the likes and dislikes you inherit from me 

Which ones are worth keeping

And what should be thrown out 

Just because I hated it for the past laps 

Does not mean it is not for you 

Every runner in a relay race has their own style and pace 

They are positioned at specific laps for the baton exchange 

Because of their individual strengths and weakness

So, work out your salvation 

And run to win 

Be careful not to love something that does not love you back 


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