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The 5th Baton Naked and Unashamed 

The 5th Baton is naked and unashamed 

As a child, she felt open to everyone’s scrutiny 

In constant fear of them leaving 


she was told to be good

What did that even mean? 

Not aware or informed 

she set off because the last time she stayed in place 

she was left alone

All by herself 

As the years piled on

she devised a plan to keep them from leaving 

From leaving her

she was born longing to be held 

she longed to be loved 

she desired to be cared for 

she hoped to be searched for

But she got the opposite

Searching for someone to hold her 

Not just anyone, someone 

she searched for love 

she searched for care 

she searched for comfort 

Of course, lying became a companion

Because it kept her in the loop 

The loop of the loved 

The owned 

The accounted for

The searched for

Some may refer to it as fake 

But to her, it was living 

Because she was not informed or aware of otherwise

The years piled on again

Now in her twenties

Experience and past relationships highlight her flaws 

Eyes wide open, and aware of her nakedness 

she had eaten the forbidden fruit somewhere along the track 

How am I naked? 

How did I get this exposed?

Off on her feet, in search of things to cover up 

Something to contain the smell 

It was an odd smell 

A smell that could ignite a fire 

It was hazardous, but she wasn’t 

Yes, she had been through things

And the odour testified to it  

she needed a shower 

Maybe a bath for a deeper cleanse

she needed a type of water that could wash her completely clean 

The water had to be different 

The fountain of youth could only change her external appearance 

But the smell was oozing from within

she needed living water 

Water with life in it 

That makes no sense 

But that is exactly what she needed 

Water that never died or ended 

Water that would never leave her empty 

Water that was alive and active

Water that would not only make her white as snow 

But would keep her pure 

Not for the world around her 

But because she was pure 

she was clean 

she is clean 

The crazy thing is after she washed up in Living Water 

she was still exposed 

The Water washed off the stench 

But it kept overflowing 

Raging within her 

The Water was smacking against the stone walls 

Monumented over the years

What type of water is this?

What have I gotten myself into?

How did this happen?

How do I stop this?

The water was only meant to clean this much 

So, why is she now unrecognisable but still naked 

Naked, clean and ashamed 

…to be continued


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