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The 4th Baton comes with authority; a truncheon, a baton of discipline

The 4th Baton comes with authority; a truncheon, a baton of discipline

This is one I wish I had picked up earlier 

Falling in love with 'Discipline'

Hmm, love is a strong word

To embrace discipline

Yh, that does not work either

I am learning to accept discipline 

Discipline and correction 

We grew up thinking it was the worst of the worst 

A sign of rejection 

But I am now learning it is a symbol of love

Because He disciplines those He loves 

And His love for me is great 

His love for us is amazing 

And so is His correction

Don't be scared now

Don’t yield to fear

I have started the work on this one

you are never gonna love it in the moment 

It is what it is 

But I vouch that the reward is well worth it 

So, accept His correction

And that of the people He has graced you with 

I have raised our defensive level 

To about forty-point-two percent 

Once in a while, an area sprouts up 

And I am ready to act a fool

Then, ask for forgiveness later

Learn to fall in love with this baton 

It will serve you well 

Years of pain and hurt sowed a lot of false desires

Pleasures and weights in you 

That will be hard to let go 

Letting go of what has served and pleasured you 

For 28 years will not be easy 

you will also pick up some more on your run

But always be ready to drop it at His request 

you can throw a tantrum 

Run away 

Or just pout 

But drop it, in the end

He helps you through it

you won’t be alone

Guilt and shame may try to show their ugly head 

But don’t mind them 

They are fishheads 


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