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The 2nd Baton is a tube passed from runner to runner in a relay race

The 2nd Baton I am handing on to you

Is a tube passed from runner to runner in a relay race

In this race set before you

I am here to pass the baton 

Run for the win 

Run to win 

you will trip over some hurdles 

Because this relay race is a marathon

And mehnnnn… is it long as hell 

You will work die

But crazily

you honestly make it in the end 

This is a weird race 

you are not competing with anyone

In fact, the moment you turn your neck

you become a hurdle to yourself 

In this all-out match against yourself

Baby girl… Win!

Have fun winning 

Enjoy the course 

Pace yourself 

Take your time 

It may look and feel like others are passing you by 

With their finesse and awesomeness 

But that is just a mirage 

It is not real 

because the person in the next lane is thinking the same thing about you 

you will come to a time when you have to jog on the spot 

To help someone else catch up 

And that’s okay

It’s allowed 

you are Graced like that 

Not to carry anyone else’s weight

But instead, to extend the same grace you receive daily 

In every lap

So, jog and help them get their tempo back up 

I said jog, not stop 

And the moment you get to the end of a lap 

Get back on your pace and run your race 

If you see them again in a different lap 

That’s fine; assist them

Get them to the end of that lap 

Then, back on your pace

Don’t go weary in doing good

I honestly don’t think you can 

it thinks of itself as a roaring lion 

Telling lies 

To make you think you are out of place 

That you have lost too much time

And you have not done enough

That’s a lie 

Stay on course

Keep running your race 

In your lane until it’s time to pass the baton 

Make sure to run well 

So, you can get on the pace of the next runner 

Cause boi

She will be sprinting 


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