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Lord, I thank you for where I am now.

Learning to appreciate people

Because you can never really tell tomorrow.

Jesus said to not worry about tomorrow for it would take care of itself.

Lol... if you like skip the skincare routine and dont think of how you will style your hair tomorrow.

Lateness lo ma gba e, because it will end in tears. Lol.

Uncle come down!

Mark 11, said pray about anything,

Allow me to be great, please.

Stay graced Adam.

Just because things didn't work out with her does not mean you lost your crown.

You are still the reigning King in your lane.

Brush your hair, oil the beard (if you got any lol) moisturise your skin, wear your watch, lick your lips then bounce

Life can only be understood backwards, but it must be lived forward

Stay Graced

Be Graced


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