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Before the Batons - The Journey out of Eygpt 

When God delivered the Israelites from Eygpt

I don’t know how they thought it would go 

But I was once in Egypt myself 

Suffering like no’s man business

And one day, a deliverer showed up 

Not just to talk Pharoah into granting my basic human right 

But to command him to let me go

Go where? 

To the wilderness, 

To worship God 

Which God?

The God I was raised to believe in  

The One who seemed to have abandoned me

But it actually happened. 

With just 10 Plagues

This God turned out to be mightier than Pharoah 

I never imagined anyone more powerful than Pharoah 

Anyway, I finally set off out of Egypt 

Where life was hard 

Not long after 

Here comes uncle Pharoah 

Right on my tail 

Chasing after me


Why did I leave?

Pharoah is definitely going to kill me this time

All I wanted was peace


The Egyptian's soft life

The life paraded in front of me

I did not want to be a slave anymore

Was that too much to ask? 

Did I ask for too much? 

Maybe I did

So I was brought out of Eygpt just to die

What a life this has been

Now, at the Red Sea, faced with reality

To drown

Be killed 

Or taken captive

I will be treated worse than a slave this time

At least a slave has value 

Damn, it wasn’t even that bad

I survived, didn’t I 

How did I get from frying pan to fire?

Right there in front of my eyes 


This God 

That God 

A God?


My God?

He parted the Red Sea






Like He just separated water from water 

Hey, there is no time to stand amazed

Pharoah and his chariots are catching up

Up on my heel

Running for my life

As the last me makes it out

The sea is back to normal 

Pharoah drowned in the Red Sea 

I stare in awe

Unable to believe my eyes

Hallelaluyah to The Most High God

Who created the heaven and the earth 

The One who said let there be

And there was 

There is 

And there continues to be 

Who is great like You

No one

Absolutely no one


Now at Mount Sinai, 

God said He will take me to a place that He will show me

He comes down to meet me 

To introduce Himself 

So I can know Him personally 

He calls me a royal priesthood 

Excited but clueless 

Broken, lost and confused 

As undeserving as I was 

As I am 

He still chose a relationship with me

He committed to a long-term relationship 

With me 

He keeps saying and seeing things in me 

I am simply oblivious to 

I have tried to run away 

Fake the relationship 

Desert Him and myself 

But I just can’t seem to shake Him off 

The Israelites had God go with them 

In the cloud by day 

And fire by night 

So, when Moses took his time 

They tried to create a god to lead them 

Interestingly, the point was they realised they needed a guide 

They figured they couldn't do life themselves 

A vacuum was there

So they tried to fill it up themselves

Now, at the promised land

Faced with new enemies 

New versions of myself

I am no longer a slave

I am a warrior

I came out of the wilderness a warrior 


As God calls me

A Son

I know that 

I believe that 

I get it 

I can see it 

But sometimes, I genuinely forget 

I ran lanes in the wilderness and Eygpt 

But as I enter the promised land, continuing the journey 

I find myself trying to create a guide to take me back to where I was

When I was comfortable 

But since He sent me 

He will go with me

"I am calling you out 

To take you to a land 

I will show you "

I don't know how this is going to turn out 

But let it begin 

Let it be 

Let it continue


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