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Your first thought

Hey Eve,

Your first thought when people share their good news is hate and jealousy.

You internalise their words and get defensive. Searching for reasons to be upset.

Pretty much acting like a crazy person. ( Bat shit crazy)

But then you want to be a loving and caring person?!.

You can't have both extremes in life. Sometimes it hurts to be you, but you are still you. You are the best and only version of you, mistakes and all.

Start believing it! Understand it!

God made different people on this earth. IF he knows the number of hair on your head, knowing your innermost thoughts and personality will not be an issue.

Learn to love you boo. Know you.

Your bad habits can't be changed overnight.

Start where you are. Just being aware of your shortcoming is taking a step in the right direction.

Grace Move; When someone says something and your first thought is to hate or be aggravated, Think of them instead. Think of how it affects them. Be happy for them. Or sometimes just simply listen and move on. No need to internalise it. Their progress is just that Their progress.

Thanks for hearing me out hun.

Have a great day.


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