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The 1st Baton is used by a conductor to direct an orchestra

The 1st Baton is used by a conductor to direct an orchestra

We have done the work 

All the research, study, and mistakes 

We have practised 

And now we are ready to showcase 

Don’t get it twisted 

you are exquisite

In a formal setting like an orchestra 

Don’t get drowned out by the symphony of it all

This is your moment 

This is your time

The baton is a guide

An extension of the conductor’s arm

As you showcase you 

The baton is not teaching something new

It is a reminder, if in doubt

you are familiar with the baton 

you know, the baton 

you know yourself 

Don’t get distracted 

you are exquisite

And so is everyone in the orchestra

you all make up that exquisite symphony 

That’s an advertisement of His glory 

you are Be-ing 

The best you that you can

And you made it to the stage 

Grace is not deserved or merited

But it is also not worthless

you are not graced with something that is not inside you

Show forth the glory 

Be bold and courageous

Excellent in all your ways 

Don't think you are less just because you are part of a group 

you are unique and authentic in the group 

And that’s good 

Fix your eyes on the goal 

It is about the music 


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