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So we keep moving....

Werey they say is repeating the same nonsense over and over again but expecting a different result.

Not there yet

But we move

Not arrived yet

But we move

Forgot my phone

But we move

Stained my shoes on the way out

But we move

Got into an argument

But we move

There is traffic on the highway

But we move

Should have worn a different top

But we move

I shouldn't have said that

But we move

Someone just cut me off

But we move

I shouldn't have watched that

But we move

I fumbled again

But we move

I lost my earring

But we move

Nail cracked

But we move

I made it in time

So let's keep moving

I pulled instead of pushed


*covers face*

But we move

Walked into a glass door

*shrugs off shame*

everyone is staring

Forget it

Let's keep moving

5 steps backwards

But we move

2 crawls forward

But we move


Insanity is said to be the act of doing the same thing over and over again

but expecting the same result

Well what do I do then

As I am actually insane

Sense is not very common in my life

you see...

So I am going to keep on doing what I know to do

Because that is all I can do right now

I journal every repeated cycle

I learn where possible

I try to make sense of what I can

But I never stop

I do it over and over again

Not for things to get better

But because that's what I can do

I do what I can do

I found sanity in my insanity

I made sanity of my insanity

Making sense of my confusion

Taking my time

Falling and rising

Again and again

My latest conquest

Is enjoying every second of the day

Not every day

But this day

The one I am in the right

does not matter if it is today


or if it was yesterday

Abba grace and love

Is new every millisecond

So never stop being graced


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