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Sigh... the hope

..... sometime ago in 2017

So lol... it's a weird one.

So today was good. I prayed when I woke, and I studied (a bible devotion... but can't remember what it was about).

Anyway, I listened to The Gift in the Grind by Steven Furtick. I got McDonald's breakfast for myself, and I also got a hot chocolate for the guy sitting in front of McDonald's. I was afraid he would reject it, but I did anyway.

Afterwards, I started feeling bad for feeling good about doing good'🤗🤗😋😋😊🤗. (I tire for myself I swear)

So I arrived at work and listened to a sermon on The Pressure of being Gifted by Keion Henderson. Great sermon! Then I heard the news that Deby was fired for doing something illegal.

I felt bad for her. Because the manager kept telling everyone her news. She was down when I spoke to her. I felt really bad. Hopefully, this will be just a minor obstacle in her life. (It was!... She is living her best life now- May 2020 Update!)

Choir practice might not hold on Saturday🤔🤔😑(yaay!)

Got a job offer! Really excited but also anxious because I was on my own jeje-ly when I got a call and was told to come in for an informal interview. I am afraid because I really thought I prepared well for the last interview for an intern role. But I flopped and it really broke my spirit.

But I believe God will place me in the job He desires for me. So I will go there with confidence tomorrow. I expect to get the job because I am graced by God. (I actually got the job- May 2020 Update)

I need to stop reading those erotic novels. I was looking at an older customer very weirdly today. That is so not me.

That's it.

Love my siblings.

Thank u lord for today.

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