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Mastering the Crawl

What are your desires...

What are your wants...

What are your needs...

Why do you want them...

How do you want them...

When do you want them...

Is it too small to be a prayer


Too big to handle

Take a deep breath!

Calm down!

Take your time

It is okay to be confused

It is okay to be lost

Sometimes it is easier to stand still than move at all

Especially when indecision drowns you

Take your time

It is okay to start over

A clean slate

Relearning how to roll over

Then scooting


Mastering the crawl

And gaining your scar of victory

Through the hurt, tears and whine

You make it

So you end up standing

Despite your fear of heights

Practising your balance

You are overwhelmed with fear

Standing for the first time

But remember you have been here before

*but I failed that time*

That's fine!

You spot Abba smiling at you

You are doing it with Him this time

It is okay to try while you are shaking

He tells you you take a step

But you freak out

And seat back down


He laughs again

Because that too is okay

In the good and the bad

In the middle of a rock and a hard a place

Find joy

Find Abba's favour

He is always with you


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