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Lost at Sea

There was once a girl who had a lustful take on life

There was another girl who didn't believe she was beautiful

There was once a girl who was not articulate

There was another girl who was indisciplined

The thought of a world after the day was a crazy myth

She only saw past her nose and nothing more

She lived in the bathroom and won in the bedroom

She gradually found herself lost at the sea

There she was...

... in the storm

And she did nothing, but float

Waking and sleeping

Through the rise and set of the shine

She wasn't just lost


One day, she suddenly realized she wasn't drowning

but she was also not swimming

She wasn't stuck

She floating

So she sat up and realized she was seating

Seating on pieces of the wrecked wood

Freaked out

She fell into the sea

But she realized she wasn't sinking

She looked up and a strand of her braid was stuck in the piece of wood

So she hung onto the wood

She laughed remembering how jack did not share the plank with Rose

She would have definitely shared the plank or better still pushed Rose off and found her way to shore

She was still floating

She had not moved

An overwhelming joy rose up from within

"I am not drowning..."

Finally, she looked up and so ravens

She looked ahead and saw pieces of wood further away

So she smiled and began to paddle with her hands.

There were no sharks

The weather was great

She was moving

She spied with her little eye

A distant island

Full of joy she began to scream

She was saved

She drifted and got lost

But found her way

Make it make sense



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