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I See You...

I see you walking free

I see you breaking your cycles

I see you being free

I see you happy

I see you satisfied

I see you fulfilled

I see you full of Joy

I see you looking forward

I see you doing well

I wish I could hug out the pain

I wish I had faith enough to disperse the pain

I wish, just a wish could end it all

But all I have is Abba

So I have to leave you in Abba's care

Knowing He has your best interest at heart

Knowing He loves you more than me

Knowing this breaks His heart more than mine

Knowing He was aware of it all before even you were

Trusting He has got this completely

Trusting He has got you for me

I can not wait to hear the good news

Of you seeing clearly

Seeing beyond your years

Seeing beyond your wildest imaginations

So while I wait

I pray

I worry

Then pray again

Check in again

Then pray

Rant to Abba

Then trust Him again

I leave you in Abba's hands

He has got you surrounded

You are good

I love you

And I hope you still love you



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