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Good Girl Gone Warm

Esther the GOAT

Is finding her way back to you

Dealing with the same issues

Where is the time going?

And why are we not moving with it

Different age,

Different year,

Same shit

We both decided to let go,

But it is tough

We realized we had put You in the backburner

We got lost in the demi-god's form of love

But you see,

Only You, God, can satisfy

Not people or success

But we keep thirsting

Because we abandoned the living water for a counterfeit

Abba, help us trust and hold on to you again


Sometimes you find yourself so deep in your mess

That its hard to leave

This time last year,

You were jealous,


Full of comparison,

And not content

I kept looking at the issue

I had created to be resolved

Instead of pressing forward

I looked back

I later found out it was all a blessing

A visible blessing

Not hidden

But fully in the light

Help us stay anchored Abba

Reiterate your word, Lord

I need you

We need you

I look forward to the"me"

On the other side of obeying you.

Take a break

Let go and let him



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