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So I just died to COVETOUSNESS.

Now I aim to live my life free of it.

Yes the confused look you have on right is the story of most Christian lives.

When your sins have been washed away but you still long for and desire the sinful act.

Coveting is pretty much the foundation of most of my issues. Don't get me wrong we all have issues but I suddenly want yours when I hear about it.

Lol well not your issue but the great thing about it that you put up on Social media or live out.

Yes Yes Yes... I am one of those dumb people who are easily influenced my social media.

What can I say, I have been messed for so long... you just gotta wait for my transformation to take its course.

Any way back to the point... I will be tackling a lot of issues surrounding coveting.

Lord, please help me be consistent.... Not just for this time but for every other time I get comfortable and lose my way.

The foundation of this whole story basically is.... NO MATTER HOW FAR, NO MATTER HOW LONG, NO MATTER WHAT IT IS, WHAT IT WAS OR WHAT IT MAY BE....

The Oga at the top will never leave you nor forsake you. So get over it and hold on to him...

The song below might be dirty but change the reference to God ..... lol y'all are nasty.

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