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Catching up





Well, this is different

I am not living from my pain

From my misdeeds

From my mistakes

From my guilt

From my remorse

My feelings

I have found a new meaning in life

Living from a new realisation

That I am actually sorted

That my father has got me

So I can be silly

And ask for the unnecessary things

Rant and tell Him what is on my mind

Get angry when I don't understand

While also holding on to Him as he walks me down the aisle

Without the fear of being struck by lightning


Afraid that I am not enough

That I am not worth His time

Afraid that He doesn't know me

*the dude has like a zillion kids, so yh lol... make sense*

He has reintroduced Himself to me

Uprooting all my wrong thoughts

False memory

Showing me love

Helping me get to know Him

Embracing my thorns from the hurt

Clearing up the misunderstanding

Waiting on me to get it

To get that He loves me

To get that I am loved

To get that I was misinformed

I am getting to know Him now

Experiencing His love for the first time

Seeing His mercy

Accepting His grace

Acknowledging His sacrifice


I can literally see clearly now

The rain is actually gone

I am moving on a different wave

Walking in victory

With the assurance that all is actually well


Damn Eve

Did we have a codependent relationship based on our pain

Our regret

Our mistakes

Our misdeeds

Our wrongs

Our hate

Our wishes

Our hopes

Our desires

Our fantasy

Our heartbreak

Is our relationship real?

Was our relationship ever real?

Are we not going to stand the test of time

Lol, Calm down, Adam

I have also experienced the renewal

The change

We went through it together

Don't you remember?

At the same time

But different places

Letting go of the life I thought I wanted

Accepting my wrongs

Making the most of what I had

And have now

Starting exactly where I am

And where I was

I picked up my pieces and cultivated

Planted my seed

And multiplied my harvest

But things didn't go as planned

One of my fruits devoured the other

I had to sacrifice all over again


But I birthed another seed

Again and again

A step at a time

I grew




And I am still on my way

It is going to be an interesting ride

Let's keep going



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